South Texas

I just got home from a week at home…yes I have two homes…sort of!

I am originally from Corpus Christi, Texas but I have lived in Rhode Island almost ten years. I feel so torn all the time, I am not sure I will ever be able to give up my Texas ties. I am not sure where I want to be, and it's super hard for me to be so far away from my family. I often feel like I am losing time with them and missing out on important moments. That's why I try and visit home every couple of months.

Texas, especially South Texas, is so colorful and inspires so much in my life!

Here are some colorful snaps from my latest visit home!



I'm OBSESSED with these nameplate earrings and necklaces…I've always wanted one of these huge ones or a pair of the earrings but they are actually super expensive, since they are made of real gold.


Many of the buildings and business signs are painted! I love the colors and imagery! 


Shell World in Aransas Pass is one of my favorite places. The sign is actually from an old drive-in restaurant, and the owner painted her up to look like a mermaid! You can sort of tell...her tray of food has been painted over with a shell!


I love this Bumblebee colored fence!


Mexican candy packaging is my favorite. So colorful and bright!


Fake flowers forever!


I took this picture outside of one of my favorite Paleterias! They are ice cream, fruit cup and snack bars! 


Breakfast tacos are a true Texas phenomenon…I rarely am able to find them anywhere else, and if I do they are just not as delicious! Simple idea, just a flour tortilla with eggs, cheese and different protein varieties! 


I love this watermelon striped wall!

Here we go…again!

The past year and a half has been CRAZY! I married the love of my life, opened my own shop and got a new puppy all within the span of a few months!  Then came the anxiety and depression…I won't bore you with the sad details, but things were not good. Blogging, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest all just escaped me and made me feel completely overwhelmed! I've finally reached a calm place where I am back to being excited about sharing my life with other people! 

Here's a quick little recap of these three major life events!


My wedding day!


My store!

My puppy, Candy!